Thinking of owning an aquarium? Before you take the leap, there are many things to consider. They are things newbies don’t think about. Read through them below, and decide how ready you are to own a tank.


How much do you think an aquarium cost? Most newbies think that they cost a couple of bucks. But in reality, you’ll be spending hundreds of dollars.

To save money, you could buy a second-hand tank. The type of fish you’ll be purchasing influences the price as well.

Make a check list of the things you need before heading to the pet shop. This’ll let you really understand how much you’ll need. These include; gravel, the filter, food, net, water treatment, decorations and cleaning supplies.

You’ll need cash lying around for aquarium spare parts too. Many things can happen in an enclosure with live animals, so a part might get damaged. Without it, your fish would die, so it’d have to be replaced ASAP.

Don’t Go Small

You’d think that smaller tanks would be easier to handle. After all, there is a smaller area of space to clean. This is not the case. The size means that toxins and muck would concentrate. Not only would this be harder to handle, but you could seriously harm your fish too.

The smaller space means temperature changes would also occur faster.

How big is big enough? Beginners are advised to go for options that are above 10 gallons. 20 gallons is considered the best.

Know That It’ll Be Heavy 

Let’s say you ignored our advice and picked a small aquarium up. Once you filled it with and added the gravel, decorations and fish, it’d weight a lot. That’s why a 10 or 20 gallon one would weight hundreds of kilograms. You might not have a proper spot to fit the tank.

The location should be able to handle the weight, and it should also be away from sunlight. The light could cause unnecessary chemical reactions to happen in the water. The light could raise the temperature of the liquid too, which is not ideal.

Are you ok with whatever you’re placing the tank on getting wet? When doing maintenance, you’ll likely get water all over. If you placed the aquarium on a giant wooden table, its surface would deteriorate.

Live or Artificial Plants

Aquarium plants liven the enclosures. You can purchase them live or artificial. The latter would let you get a hold of plants much brighter and stunning than live counterparts. However, you could place something live into the water, which could help with the oxygen supply.

How Many Fish Will There Be?

The more fish you buy, the more money you’ll have to spend. A lot of fish can be hard to handle too. Some species require more maintenance than others.

Final Thoughts

Considering all of the points we said, what do you think? Owning an aquarium is tempting. But it is a lot of work it’ll cost a lot of money too. From all of the points discussed, the most important would be your budget.

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