If you are not happy with the uniforms that you have rented from the current vendor, this guide will help you choose the new uniform rental company. Choosing a uniform rental company will add professional and organisation points to your business. It is important that a rental company should be able to cater to your needs in order to provide the best for your customers.

  • Uniform rental organisations operate on contract basis. Decide on the length of period that you need assistance from them and the number of uniforms You need to make sure that you sign a written agreement with all the relevant clauses. The uniform rental company will pick up the uniforms, clean them and give them to you.

  • The cost of the service will be determined on the on you organisation’s need. If you need restaurant uniformsin a particular colour or different function the cost will vary. Normal contracts will last three, five or even up to seven years. The longer the contract the more savings you make. Don’t forget that getting your job done cheap doesn’t mean that the attires provided will be of high quality. So therefore, read the contract carefully.


  • Note that breaking the contract with the rental company will cost you unless the other party breaks the deal from their end. Most rentals will be able to help you work around issues that arises and this will be mentioned in the clause.


  • You can always ask the rental company to provide you with sample of the uniforms that they provide. If you want to speak to a few organisations that use the same rental company, it is advisable that you know how their experience was. You can find reviews online of these rental companies or you might even find a better company with better reviews.

  • If you need attires during the peak season you will need to check if the rental organisation can provide the particular attires required in time. Check with the other party how much notice should be given in order to place the order too. Not all companies provide specific design services. Ensure that you find a rental that will can adapt to specific requirements such as this.


  • You might have to brief the rental company the industry you work for so that they can understand your needs better. If there are regulations that the rental should know about regarding your organisation or the industry keep them well informed.

So follow these simple guidelines and you will not make a mistake!


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