A good tool that can be used in order to show your customers that you and your staff are professional is by using uniforms. When the health department decides to visit your restaurant they should be able to sense of order and cleanliness. Your staff will be able to give a good impression of the restaurant especially when dressed in an orderly fashion. Having the staff wearing a uniform means that they will feel equal among themselves and will look really good inside the premises. The following factors listed will help you to choose the right uniform so that all staff will be happy.

The style

There are many styles of clothing available today. However, bear in mind that if you own a barbecue joint you can have printed t-shirts as uniformsmade so that your employees can wear with a standard set of pants such as denim jeans. If you own a formal restaurant, a polo t-shirt or shirt will be ideal for waiters and staff. Don’t have your staff dressed down if you are accommodating business people.



Creating the image that your staff work for your restaurant is important. You can have the logo of the restaurant embroidered on the polo t-shirt or shirt. Be careful if you want to print out the artwork on the back. Most dining restaurants should have employees dressed in simple, clean and plain clothing. Try and avoid colours that will make the uniform look dirty as they continue to wear it over and over again.


The name of the restaurant must be mentioned on the uniform. If you are providing a waist apron for those who are serving, have the name of the restaurant printed on it.  You can add a slogan to create a bigger impact too.


This is the most important factor when choosing the uniform for your staff. You should never underestimate the power of a colour and how it will serve you. Colours such as red and orange arouse the appetite. Green colours deals with natural components. Avoid colours such as yellow, because they will make one feel anxious. The colour white is associated with purity and cleanliness.

Red and yellow colours are used at fast food diners or casual dining restaurants. Dark red or gold are used at high-end restaurants.


Consider the functions of each staff and provide uniforms equally. An apron is needed to make sure the uniform underneath does not get dirty. Extra aprons must be provided and kept ready in the restaurant. Individuals who are ushering or hosting can be wear a nicer clothes to create the first impression.

Don’t forget to keep the size chart ready so that


A uniform should be clean and crisp. All staff should adhere to wearing the uniform correctly. If the shirt or t-shirt needs to be tucked inside properly all male staff should follow this rule.

Restaurant uniforms should be able to blend three images – professional and cleanliness. Good luck with selecting your restaurant uniform.


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