No, it’s not a ‘fashion’ dilemma. It’s a ‘functional’ dilemma. What is appropriate to wear during sailing? It depends on what type of water activity you’ll be doing. Here’s a simple guide that every newbie struggles with. If you’re sailing on a hot (and clammy) weather in a lake, it will make sense to wear comfortable shorts with a cotton shirt. You may also add neoprene shoes and buoyancy aid. But for cold weathers, it would make sense to take your jacket with you. Sailing on a dinghy is a different story.


If you’re still learning to sail a boat in the sea on a windy day, it may help to wear a wetsuit. Since there’s a higher tendency to capsize during these types of weather, this suit will keep you warm even on the cold temperature. Trapped water between your skin the wetsuit cloth (neoprene) will create a ‘blanket’ that keeps your skin warm underneath.

Sailing Boots

Depending on the time of the year, choosing the right boots is essential to give you the grip needed for the occasion. On warm summer days, you can opt for cheap neoprene boots with grippy soles to keep you from slipping on the deck.

For chartering a yacht during winter, you can opt for sailing boots. These usually come at ankle-high lengths and are usually made of thicker neoprene and rubber. This is to keep your feet warm during cold weathers.

Buoyancy Aid

These are essential to keep you afloat when you’re knocked out of your boat due to extreme weather conditions. It would be much cheaper if you put off buying a new buoyancy aid if you’re still hiring a boat. But if you already own a boat, buying a quality buoyancy aid should be one of your purchases. Most of these would cost around $150 AUD to $300 AUD.

Sailing Cap

For the men, a quality sailing hat is important. Some sports hat special features intended for sailing. Caps with ventilation holes, lightweight, and water-repellent ones are more comfortable for this sailing.

There are a lot of apparel available online that you can check out. If you’re lucky, you may chance on a sailing clothing clearance in Australia in a shop nearby. Or you can try your luck browsing through sites offering these items. It is important that you get the most of your purchase. Check for reviews and see what are others are saying about that certain product before locking in your final purchase.

Other Accessories

For a hot weather, bring a wide-brimmed hat, a pair of sunglasses, and sunscreen for the skin and lips. You don’t want to get a sunburn and feel the pain afterwards.

For cold weather, a woolly hat and dry suit will be your best bet. Going for waterproof suits and rubber seals for your neck, ankle, and wrists are a must for the trip. Ordinary warm fleeced clothing underneath the rubber seals could give you additional warmth during winter.

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