As much as we would like to let our mothers shop for our underwear for the rest of our lives, the truth is one day we will have to do it ourselves. And no matter how much you may dread it, you definitely cannot avoid it, unless you plan on going commando the rest of your life, which we highly advise against! On that note, people, or men in particular, feel rather self-conscious and confused when shopping for underwear, and so tend to avoid the task like a plague. Plus, they also do not like being caught like a deer in the headlights when in the store, and could be more prone to making mistakes or wrong choices, which is a pity since underwear once bought, is bought. Perhaps this list of what not to do will help.

Think Expensive Means Quality

Well, this is a tricky area to maneuver, since if you compare a product, any product for that matter that is cheap with something more expensive, the latter is definitely of a better quality. However, that is not to say that super expensive brands are your only option. Certainly not. Though you should loosen the purse strings a little when it comes to underwear, you need not go overboard. Underwear is not a scarce commodity in any way, so if you are not happy with the prices in one place, check another out.

Shop for More Non-Cotton Options

As much as silks and other fabrics look and feel better than cotton in terms of feeling luxuriant, do not make the mistake of opting for more of those over cotton. Cotton is actually the best material when it comes to underwear, especially every day wear. If you wear silk every day for instance, within a few days you will find your skin breaking out in rashes, and you will feel heat overall. Cotton helps the skin breathe and absorbs sweat, keeping you comfortable throughout the day. So whether you buy mens underwear online or in person at a store, bear this in mind at all times.

Just Going With the Label

Yes, clothes come with labels that give you information about each piece and their size, but simply grabbing a bunch off the rack based on this is not exactly smart. You see, different brands have different size measurements, which means that they have their own sizing charts. So if you go by the size of another brand, there is a chance that the new one may not fit as well. You need to measure yourself. No need to be embarrassed either, just ask one of the salespeople for a measuring tape and measure yourself in the dressing room.


Last but not least, do not panic. A majority of people, again men especially, absolutely detest the chore and we totally understand how you feel. But, as Bob Marley once so wisely sang, ‘when you worry you make it double’, which does not help anyone or anything. So take a deep breath, be calm, and go about it just like any other shopping trip. Pretend you are shopping for jeans if it helps. And do not pay heed to anyone around you.

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